About us

Anhui Xinyuanda Cabinets Co., Ltd is a high-end solid wood cabinet R&D, manufacturing and exporting company. In 2010, with an investment of 30 million US dollars, the group has completed an 80000/year cabinet production project covering 160 acres. With imported production equipment and modern management system, the products have achieved international production standard including, ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management, CARB II standard and CE marking. Meanwhile, the group focuses of its R&D development and has obtained several patents in recent years.
The company focuses on the U.S. market and captures the trend of integration of style, personality and service to create a pleasing, friendly and original integrated kitchen cabinets. The group now has a large customer base and broad distribution channels in the U.S. and European markets and achieved an annual turnover of more than 100 million.
Holding the concept of Innovation and Broadness, Xinyuanda Cabinets aims to create an innovative and open corporation with broad mind and sincere service.

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